How To Get More Listings And Grow Your Real Estate Business

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How To Get More Listings And Grow Your Real Estate Business


At Keller Williams Realty, we strongly believe, that regardless of your local real estate market conditions, that the most successful real estate businesses must be a listing based real estate business.   It has been proven time and time again, the more listings a real estate agent takes, the more real estate leads they will generate for their real estate business.   When a real estate agent takes a listing, they can not only market that listing to other potential sellers in the area when they get the property under contract and sold, but they will also generate all of the buyer leads that contact the agent of their signs, websites and flyers…that do not have a real estate agent yet.  If you are looking for a proven strategy for how to get more listings and grow your real estate business, you definitely need to listen to this Keller Williams Mega Agent audio interview from KW Agent Mountain, with Gary Keller and KW Mega Agent Rowena Patton.    Listen and learn, as one of the true masters in the real estate industry of converting a listing presentation into a sold listing, shares her unique approach to ‘getting to NO’ with sellers, and her innovative marketing strategy of story-boarding her listings to get them sold faster and for more money.  Whether you are just considering starting a real estate career or you are an experienced real estate agent looking to build your listing inventory, the information shared in this interview is invaluable.


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