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Dan Wisdom of the Denver Central (Colo.) market center has a passion for the environment that dates all the way back to his childhood. Read how his passion became his business and what tips he has for increasing production and customer satisfaction.

“As a kid, I would go around my neighborhood and collect newspapers and cans in my wagon and take them to the recycling center,” Wisdom recalls. Wisdom Calls Keller Williams Home


After a decade in real estate, Wisdom and his team joined Keller Williams Realty on April 18, 2015. His commitment to green living shows up in his real estate business with its motto of “green.honest.ethical” and in his dedication to helping his clients.

“After researching Keller Williams, I realized I was on an island and ­ figuring everything out on my own,” Wisdom says. “I see huge value in everyone speaking the same language and learning from people who have already failed forward. I love the opportunities it creates for my team that would be very difficult to implement on my own.”

Wisdom was also excited by the opportunity to become an investor in a market center to help it grow. “The pro­fit share opportunity for myself and my team is yet another form of passive income.”

Since joining Keller Williams, Wisdom has enjoyed amazing growth.

Wisdom’s Tips for Attaining High Production

In 2014, Wisdom completed 156 transactions and closed $42 million in sales. Wisdom says the keys to attaining such high production levels are:

(1) Knowing your numbers and holding every dollar accountable to results.

(2) Improving ONE Thing a week on your systems to leverage time and improve quality service.

(3) Nailing the 33 Touch within your sphere.

How to Deliver Award Winning Customer Service

For the past ­ five years, the team’s success has been recognized with the Five Star Real Estate Agent Award, which Wisdom takes pride in. “This award is voted on by our past clients, and we get it because we are always focused on putting the clients­ first,” he says. They do this in four ways:

  1. They treat every client like a friend.
  2. They are always looking at how they can help others.
  3. When they make a mistake, they make it so whomever was affected by the mistake is happy they made the mistake. “We do this by not only correcting the mistake and making it right but by doing something extra so the person affected by the mistake comes out ahead,” Wisdom says.
  4. They have an office policy to only talk about people as if they were listening, keeping conversations positive and constructive.

These strategies have helped Wisdom and his team carve out a niche in the Denver market for their strong customer service and for their commitment to the environment, a topic near and dear to the hearts of many Denver citizens.



“Denver is very green-friendly,” Wisdom says. “There are Priuses, Volts, Teslas and LEAFs all over. There are free charging stations around town. The local MLS has also been updated to include green ­fields, making it that much easier to search for green features. Many builders are adding solar panels as a standard feature, and there is now the ­ first community in Denver that is 100 percent self-sustainable.”

According to Wisdom, the shift in clients seeking out sustainable homes and green living features has been visible over the past decade in Denver and throughout the country.

“We have seen a huge shift in consumer mindset around green living,” Wisdom says. “It is now cool to care about the environment. People are realizing that drastic changes need to happen to protect what we have. Being thrifty and saving the environment do not have to be mutually exclusive.”


As a real estate agent, Wisdom does more than help clients buy and sell homes. He also offers his clients ideas on how they can add green features to their home without breaking the bank. For example, implementing and embracing solar power continues to be a popular choice in his market.

“In Denver, with more than 300 days of sunshine a year, solar is very popular,” Wisdom says. “It appeals not only to green-conscious people but to someone seeing the value in not paying an electric bill. The value of solar continues to increase as energy rates continue to rise.”

Unfortunately, Denver’s lush landscapes have been a hindrance to solar power adoption in some cases, but its more passionate and dedicated residents have found a way to overcome that obstacle.

“The largest challenge for solar in Denver is the layout of the roof and exposure to the sun,” Wisdom says. “Many historic neighborhoods have trees with a full canopy blocking out the sun. So ­ finding a home that is situated for optimal solar can be difficult in historic neighborhoods. There are new programs to buy into a solar array not installed on your house. These are great programs when the house does not allow for solar, although the payoff time is a little long with these.”

Wisdom’s commitment to the environment extends outside the office and into his team’s volunteer efforts as well.

“The Wisdom Group is the primary sponsor of the Denver Language School Garden, which is teaching kids about sustainable living and growing their very own urban gardens,” Wisdom says. “The kids also run a farmers’ market from food donated by local farmers as well as food grown from the garden. We also sponsor a free community library, where the community shares books, and it’s a huge success.”

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