How to Earn A Million

Master Your Mindset

And set your day up for success with these tips from top-producing Keller Williams agent, Courtney Newton.

Courtney Newton, an associate with Keller Williams Cityside in Smyrna, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta, is building her bustling business using the precise steps detailed in Gary Keller’s bestselling book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. An avid and intentional reader, Newton vowed after reading The Millionaire Real Estate Agent in 2004 to earn a million in income by the time she was 35.


Real estate was never the original plan. “I make plans and God laughs, right?” Newton says. While getting her MBA at Kennesaw State University and working retail in the early 2000s, she decided to get her real estate license “as a backup.” She chuckles as she recalls, “Yeah, I thought I was going to sell houses until I could get a real job. Little did I know!” From the start, while also working at a retail store, she was carefully practicing the scripts detailed in The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. _ at the scripts weren’t about houses didn’t matter to her. “Instead of houses, I was selling lotion. I was able to practice and internalize those scripts, and I saw my sales numbers rise.”

In the business for more than a decade now, she’s seeing her sales numbers rise as an agent too. Newton and her growing team closed 212 units in 2015, which was noticeably up from 170 units in 2014. And about that goal to make a million? Newton hit the bulls-eye a month before her 35th birthday and finished 2015 with $1.5 million in GCI.


She points to her pivotal decision in 2012 to join KW MAPS Coaching as a key to maximizing her performance. She was at Mega Camp at the time and had been “hitting a wall,” trying to break past $800,000 in GCI. After encouragement from other agents who saw great gains from coaching, she took the plunge. The tenets of the program have helped Courtney Newton & Associates grow steadily ever since. Working with someone she calls “a formidable coach,” they worked on getting Newton’s price point up and increasing her farms from 2,500 to 5,000, and then again from 5,000 to 10,000.


Newton says that her MAPS coach expects and demands the best of her. “If I say that I want the market share in my designated area, she’s watching to see if I really do have it and she holds me accountable if I don’t.” Newton remembers a time before MAPS coaching that she shrugged off spending money on performance programs like this. “The mortgage company is my accountability,” she’d quip, suggesting that paying the bills was plenty to keep her good and motivated. “But I’ve come to realize that it is the best money I have ever spent. There’s absolutely no hiding when you are being coached by a MAPS Coach. You have to be vulnerable, and that is the best way to position yourself for growth. I can say that I want to achieve something, but if I’m not doing the work to get it, my MAPS coach can see it clearly and point it out.”


Accountability-based training is permeating through to her whole team. Now she’s encouraging her lead buyer agent to get into coaching as soon as possible and she puts her associates through BOLD twice each year. On Mondays, the team buckles in for a daylong call-a-thon, working on their 100 contacts each week as taught in BOLD. They rely on scripts to increase their productivity and prepare them for any turn the call may take. The BOLD mindset exercises and lead generation training has been critical in enabling them to move quickly into productivity.

One of the calling cards of Newton’s success is her regard for helping anybody at any price point, which is a key reason that she has closed more than 500 short sales. If one were studying her schedule, she says they might say her daily routine is “boring and predictable,” but it’s more like systematic and effective. Very effective. She recognized early on the importance of getting as many listings as she could and built her schedule to reflect it. Turn the page to find out how Newton structures her day for success.


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