How To Deliver A Powerful Listing Presentation

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April Aubery, The Auberys – Keller Williams Realty Calabassas, CA

How To Deliver A Powerful Listing Presentation
At Keller Williams Realty, we believe that the most successful and productive real estate agent careers should be listing focused…not buyer focused.   Our top real estate agents understand that they are in the lead generation business first, and the real estate business second.  Working with home buyers can fun and fulfilling, but how many buyers can a real estate agent really service at a high level at the same time?  The advantage that real estate agents that are focused on working with sellers have, is that not only does servicing a real estate listing take less time and energy, when a real estate agent takes a qualified listing, that real estate listing should generate not only additional listings for that real estate agent, it will also generate buyer leads as well.  When a real estate agent takes a new listing, they not only get to market that listing to other potential sellers in that neighborhood, the get to meet a lot of buyers who call off their signs and come to their open houses, that do not have a real estate agent yet!  Bottom line, the more real estate leads a real estate agent can generate and service, the more commissions and leverage that real estate agent will have, to build the real estate career and life they want.  Learning how to deliver a powerful listing presentation can truly give a real estate agent the competitive edge they need.

In this great real estate agent career training session from the Keller Williams West Ventura County market center, KW Mega Agent April Aubery, of one of the top real estate teams in KW, The Auberys, shares her powerful listing presentation tips and strategies for how she delivers a successful listing presentation and converts such a high level of her listing presentations into sold listings for her real estate business.   Listen and learn as April shares how she prepares for the listing appointment, what is in her pre-listing packet, the questions she ask home sellers, how she handles the list price conversation and other seller objections, the listing commission conversation and how she communicates her real estate team’s value proposition at the highest level.  In addition, April does some amazing seller objection role playing and script practicing with the real estate agents that attended her listing presentation class.  If you truly want to master how to deliver a successful listing presentation at a high level and convert it into a sold listing for your real estate business, the information shared by April in this powerful training class will be invaluable to you.

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