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How To Build A Real Estate Team | Keller Williams Mega Agent Interview With Jackie Ellis

If you want to learn how to build a real estate team, you might want to first listen to how one of Keller Williams Realty’s top real estate teams was built.  In this free real estate career coaching session from KW Waterford Lakes Team Leader Rick Bosley,  Rick interviews Keller Williams Mega Agent Jackie Ellis, of The Jackie Ellis Team, who has built the #1 KW real estate team in all of Florida.   Jackie shares how she has built a top real estate team that closes 500+ real estate transactions a year from consistent geographic real estate farming, purposefully managing her real estate team’s contact database and working with investors.  Listen and learn, as Jackie breaks down the process she went through to attract and hire the right talent when building her real estate team, how she hold her real estate team and expenses accountable and how she continues to grow, adapt and build her real estate team moving forward.   By focusing on consistent real estate lead generation,  attracting and leveraging the right talent and following the real estate team building models offered by Keller Williams Realty, Jackie has been able to build a real estate team that continues to perform at the highest level, regardless of the local real estate market conditions.  Jackie reminds you, that if you are going to build a highly successful  real estate team, you must value prospecting for talent just as much as generating real estate business.   Whether you are just starting your real estate career or you are an existing real estate agent who wants to learn how to build a successful real estate team, the information shared in this recorded webinar should be invaluable to your real estate career.



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