Stephanie Theobald

Wow…coming to Keller Williams drastically changed the trajectory of my business.  I had been in real estate with another company for 10 years and had never sold more than $5,000,000 in home sales.  I sat down and talked with the team leader, liked what he had to say and moved my license over in February of 2010.  People thought I was crazy, moving in one of the worst sales months and in one of the worst down shifted markets.  I moved my 10 listings over, hopped on a plane and flew to Keller Williams Family Reunion and the training and education began.  I was a little overwhelmed at everything they had to offer, however came back and started implementing the systems and models and my business took off and I went from $4 million in sales to $8 million my first year, $16 million the second year, $20 million the third year,  $28 million the 4th year, and last year we ended the year with $36 million in sales volume.  2016 are goal is $50 million in sales and we are 75% of our goal.
Hiring a KW coach was the best thing I ever did…he helped coach me through the limiting beliefs I had about growing the business.  The accountability, thinking big, consistent reminder of staying within model are huge assets and have assisted me in building out a great team, which in turn has grown into a Big Business.
I look back and think,  WOW…why wasn’t I introduced to KW 10 year earlier, can you imagine where my business would be today?  I look at some of the new Realtors that have gotten in the business just 4 or 5 short years ago and they are already doing 50-100 million in yearly sales…it is very doable in a short amount of time!

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